Cuomo welcomes Biden, but says New York won’t recover from COVID-19 until 2025

ALBANY, NY – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today welcomed the start of the Biden-Harris administration.

Today is a new day and the start of a bold new chapter. Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris. Looking forward to your leadership, my friend. Let’s get to work. Together,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also said it won’t be for another 5 years until his state’s economy recovers from his year-long state-imposed business shutdown in 2020 that is still going on today. “New York State employment is not expected to reach its pre-pandemic peak until 2025,” a report by the administration today read.

In his State of the State Address this week, Cuomo looked forward to the Biden administration in lending a helping saying, “President-elect Biden has proposed his American Rescue plan, a $1.9 trillion stimulus package that rescues the country from the cost of COVID. A big part of that addresses the needs that we’re talking about. There’s money in the rescue plan for COVID testing, for vaccine distribution, funding for schools, funding for families and $350 billion for something called state and local financing. ”

“New York City had a fiscal near bankruptcy and the State asked the federal government for assistance along with all the leadership of New York City and New York State. The federal government basically told New York to drop dead. Well, $6 billion, 1.7 percent of $350 billion, that would be a 2021 version of drop dead,” Cuomo said.