Cuomo: Only Stupid People Caught COVID-19, Because Smart People Followed His Rules

NEW YORK, NY – If you lost a loved one because of COVID-19, you should know it, it was their own fault, because they were stupid and didn’t listen to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  This week, Cuomo blamed people who died of COVID-19 for bringing it upon themselves and not following the rules.  That’s right, the Governor of New York, who wrote a book on how great he is at stopping COVID-19, but having the most amount of deaths in America in his state, just said, if you caught COVID-19, it’s your own fault.

“Just to make it very simple. If you socially distanced, and you wore a mask and you were smart, none of this would be a problem,” Cuomo said. “It’s all self imposed…if you didn’t eat the cheesecake, you wouldn’t have a weight problem.”

Ironically, Cuomo just spend the past 8 months blaming President Donald Trump for the COVID-19 pandemic…in the end, it turns out, it wasn’t his fault. It was your fault.

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