Cuomo, Murphy Host Emergency COVID-19 Summit to Discuss Coordinating Impending Lockdown with Other Governors

When New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, and other far-left liberal northeast governors meet for an emergency summit to create a plan to deal with COVID-19’s second wave…we can only assume the worst.

That’s because these governors coordinated the most comprehensive and longest lockdown of the private sector and individual freedom in the history of America this past spring.   Dubbed an “emergency” summit by Cuomo, the governors said they will announce their “final decision” to the public sometime after their meeting.  On the agenda would be the coordination of similar COVID-19 restrictions that could apply to all of the states involved.

Phil Murphy’s scalpel has apparently gone dull and he’s deciding now whether or not to bring out his COVID-19 sledgehammer.

The governors of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont are also at the summit taking place today.

“The reality is the virus is mobile and we’re in the holiday season and people will travel more,” Cuomo said on Friday when he announced the summit. “These are all elements that conspire to increase the spread. We believe we’re going to have to be taking additional steps, and to the degree we can share information and align action with other regional states, we’ll do that.”