Crenshaw Says Both Sides Must Accept Due Process in Election Vote Count

HOUSTON, TEXAS – In America, due process in elections doesn’t stop after ballots are counted. There is a series of measures such as validating the counts, legal appeals for recounts in close races and in 2020, yes, investigation of possible voter fraud where it may be suspected.  Due process is one of America’s founding principles.
Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw today said Americans must let that due process play out and have patience on both sides of the political aisle.
“If Trump loses, he loses. It was never an impossible outcome and we must accept the final results when it is over,” Crenshaw said. “But the unfortunate reality is that there is very little trust in the process, where irregularities have been flagrant and transparency lacking. It should not be partisan to suggest calmly that investigations occur and the court process plays out. Americans need to be sure of the winner and loser. The winners should especially want that.”