Couple, Seniors Died on COVID-19 Vaccine Waiting List, Days Before Scheduled Vaccine

A senior couple Dick Meek, 89, and Shirley Meek, 87, passed away within minutes of each other on January 16 at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  They were scheduled to get their COVID-19 vaccination three days later on Dick’s 90th birthday, CNN reported.

They were childhood sweethearts who fell in love, started a family, and worked hard to build what has become a legacy of love for all of us.  Raising five kids from here to Alaska, never missing a grandkids’ special event, traveling far and wide to spend time with great grandchildren, and journeying across the world together. Theirs was a life of adventure – from sky diving to zip lining, their Bucket List was amazing!! Having devout love for family, they still always made time for each other. They met every single day, no matter where they were in the world, at 3:00 for a date and a toast to each other.

The family shared a picture of the couple holding hands in the hospital as they died moments apart.