Corruption Alert: Toms River Mayor Mo Hill Launches 2023 Campaign, Opens Account with Large McGuckin Contribution

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill has not yet been in office for a full year, but he has already filed his paperwork with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission to run for re-election in 2023.  The election date for the 2023 Republican primary election is set for June 6th of that year and Hill will surely face at least one primary opponent after his first year in office has been plagued with political corruption scandals and Hill paying political favors to campaign donors of his 2019 election campaign regularly.

Hill has chosen Robert Mulligan of Lanoka Harbor to serve as his campaign treasurer and his wife Roseann Hill to serve as a signatory on his campaign bank account.

According to a quarterly report filed by Hill on October 14th, Hill has begun fundraising for 2023, raising $3,650.09 from his network of pay to play political donors. Hill received a single donation of $300 from a private individual.

Hill received a donation of $1,500 from Gregory P. McGuckin to kick off his 2023 campaign, according to the report.  Hill rewarded McGuckin with an estimated $500,000 no show job earlier this year.

Hill also received a $650 check from Owen Little & Associates, owned by the uncle of Hill’s running mate Josh Kopp. Kopp admitted this past Tuesday that his uncle by marriage, Doug Klee of Owen Little received a political appointment to serve as the Toms River Township Planning Board Attorney.  Klee has billed Toms River $189,000 for his services.

Yezzi & Associates, a politically connected pay-to-play architect in Downtown Toms River paid Hill $900 towards his 2023 re-election campaign.