Corona Police save life of man thought to be dead

CORONA,PD – On December 1, 2020, at 10:53 AM, Corona Police Officers, and Corona Fire responded to 1181 Baywood Drive, Corona,regarding a call with an unconscious male, with a female yelling he was dead.
When officers arrived on the scene they found a male subject unconscious in the bedroom. The male was lying on his back with his eyes open and displaying agonal breathing. Due to the high possibility, this was an opiate overdose, Officers administered their department-issued Narcan nasal spray (4mg). Within a few minutes, The male’s breathing improved and he regained consciousness before the fire department arrived on the scene. Once the fire department arrived on the scene, they provided medical treatment. The male was evaluated by Officers and it was determined this was an accidental overdose and he was not trying to intentionally hurt himself.
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