Community experiences second multiple-murder, suicide in two weeks

SAND SPRINGS, OK – When police in Sand Springs arrived at West 40th Street and South Walnut, they discovered the bodies of a man and his two daughters.  Police arrived in response to a welfare check at the residence after the man called his daughters’ mother and told her he was going to kill them both, and himself.

After not being able to reach any of the occupants of the home on the phone, the police had the mother give access to the home.  The man and the woman were going through marital issues, the police department said.

The three were discovered deceased inside the home.  The incident happened less than one mile away from a triple-murder suicide less than two weeks ago.

Sand Springs Chief of Police Mike Carter told his community the senseless murder and violence need to stop.

“Today our officers are dealing with another scene of senseless violence against innocent people. This is so out of place for our community, that we are all trying to understand why. I ask that if you are in a situation in which you feel hopeless, angry or out of control, please call us and let us help you,” Chief Carter said. “If you live with someone who needs help, or you need to leave to get to a safe place, please call and let us help. If you do not want the involvement of the police, please call 211 and ask for help.”

Carter asked residents to start being more kind to each other.

“I ask that EVERYONE make a point to be a little more kind to our fellow man, be a little less quick to anger and quicker to show empathy and humanity,” Carter said. “I ask for your thoughts and prayers for the victims, their families, their friends, and our community. Thank you, Sand Springs, we will get through this together, but only together.”