Cleveland Indians to drop ‘racist’ Indian name, mascot

CLEVELAND, OH –  Last year the Washington Redskins became woke and dropped their nickname, simply becoming the “Washington Football Team”.  Now, according to an unconfirmed report in the left-leaning New York Times, the Cleveland Indians will soon be dropping their Native American mascot too.

According to a report filed by David Waldstein and Michael Schmidt of the New York Times, “three sources” claim the Cleveland Indians have been tomahawk chopped for the last time.  The report claims the team is going break the news officially this week.

The Cleveland Baseball Team?

So it’s sayonara to Chief Wahoo for good, with his unofficial plug being pulled in 2019.

The Cleveland Indians have been in existence since 1915 and survived much of the 20th century without too many woke people calling for the team to give up its name.  In 2020 woke America, any nickname, logo, team name, action, book, movie, whatever can be viewed as racist and some professional sports teams seem to be just tired of fighting the fight against an endless barrage of cancel culture in America.

According to the Times report, non-woke teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Black Hawks, Atlanta Braves, Golden Gate Warriors and other minor league professional teams have yet to cave into wokeism and cancel culture.