Cindy McCain Continues Her Husband John’s Crusade Against Trump, Endorses Biden

If the late U.S. Senator John McCain was alive today, he would probably be campaigning and stumping for former Vice President, Democrat Joe Biden.  McCain had a dislike for Trump that stemmed from the 2000 Presidential election. McCain was running for President and Trump was toying around with the idea.   In January of 2000, Trump criticized McCain’s war record, in particular, his capture by the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War.

“He was captured,” Trump said. “Does being captured make you a hero? I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Those words sparked a twenty-year feud between Trump and the McCain family.  Today, John’s wife Cindy is carrying the family pitchfork and torch against Trump.

“As a proud, lifelong Republican I have done my share of campaigning for our party’s candidates,” McCain said.  “My decision to endorse Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was not taken lightly, and I owe it to my fellow Republicans to explain why I’m convinced he is the best choice on this year’s ballot to lead the nation as president of the United States.”

“As commander in chief, he will keep the nation strong and ready to meet the array of threats facing America. Moreover, he knows the value of our security alliances in keeping the country safe and prosperous in a dangerous and unpredictable world. As president, he will strengthen America’s vital partnerships to advance U.S. interests and values,” she continued. “President Biden will provide the leadership the country demands to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. No one will work harder in bringing the nation together to achieve the mission. Guided by a genuine spirit of bipartisanship, Joe won’t be looking for Democratic ideas or Republican ideas but the country’s best ideas to ensure that our families, businesses, communities and country recover swiftly.”

In 2015, when Trump announced his own presidency, McCain was one of the first establishment Republicans to put space between himself and then candidate Trump.   McCain said he was upset by the real estate mogul’s remarks about Mexican immigrants being rapists and drug dealers, later adding that Trump “fired up the crazies”.

McCain died in 2018 and the two men never settled their differences.