Chris Christie Spent Week in ICU Battling COVID-19, Says “I Was Wrong” About Virus

MORRISTOWN, NJ – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced that while recovering from COVID-19 last week, he spent 7 days in an intensive care unit, receiving treatments of remdesivir.   During that time, Christie saw the light and said Thursday and emerged from the hospital as an advocate for wearing face masks, washing hands and taking COVID-19 seriously.

“Having had this virus, I can also assure those who have not had it of a few things. It is something to take very seriously,” Christie said this week. “The ramifications are wildly random and potentially deadly. No one should be happy to get the virus and no one should be cavalier about being infected or infecting others.”
Christie’s “come to Murphy” moment came as he continues his recovery after a week in the hospital.  The former governor admits he was wrong and took full blame for contracting COVID-19 while interacting with guests at the White House sans-mask.
“I was wrong, I was wrong to not wear a mask at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement and I was wrong not to wear a mask at my multiple debate prep sessions with the President and the rest of the team,” Christie said. “I hope that my experience shows my fellow citizens that you should follow CDC guidelines in public no matter where you are and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.”
Like many, Christie felt that the testing to get into the White House would have been protection enough to stop the spread of the virus, but admits he was also wrong about it, the virus came from within, also infected President Trump, his wife Melania and several key staffers.