Chris Christie slams Republicans who are resisting government COVID-19 vaccination

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was once a COVID-19 non-believer. That is until he contracted COVID-19 while working with former U.S. President Trump and his campaign team to prep the president for a debate with Joe Biden in 2020.

Now, Christie is criticizing his fellow Republicans non-believers, but blaming the government for not sending them the correct messaging.

“The vaccines do work,” Christie said in ABC spot this week. “Every focus group I’ve been in, Republicans who are not vaccinated, you have to walk them through the logic of this. “They’re willing to be vaccinated.” 

Christie said the government’s simple message of “Get vaccinated” isn’t working on Republicans.

Christie, who once neglected the dangers of COVID-19, now is a born-again pro-vaxxer pushing the gospel of the federal government. Like the former alcoholic who preaches the dangers of drinking to others, Christie is now pushing for his fellow Republicans to get vaccinated.

In his home state of New Jersey, it’s not Republicans who are not getting vaccinated. Many of the state’s major urban centers in Democrat strongholds were identified by the state as being under-vaccinated.

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit the Trump White House, Trump believed it was Christie who infected his inner circle, according to a new book.

“Former President Donald Trump believed that he contracted COVID-19 last October from ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, according to a forthcoming book by journalist Michael Wolff,” Insider reported. “Trump later blamed his exposure to COVID-19 on Christie, who tested positive around the same time as him and battled the virus for a week in the ICU.”

Studies and data shows the COVID-19 vaccinations provide protection against serious COVID-19 infections and serious cases that involve hospitalizations. Side effects of the COVID-19 vaccinations are extremely rare. There have been no studies that show whether Democrats or Republicans tend to not get vaccinated more or less in either demographic.

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