China! China! China! Steinhardt exposes Ciattarelli investments in Communist Party run Chinese corporations

WARREN COUNTY, NJ – New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Doug Steinhardt, former state GOP Chairman today launched a volley at Jack Ciattarelli over the former New Jersey Assemblyman’s financial investments in companies run by the communist government of China.   Steinhardt pointed to stocks owned by Ciattarelli including China Eastern Airlines, China Lodging Group and China Mobile, Ltd.

“At least two of his investments have direct connections to the CPC. According to Centre for Aviation, Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines is one of China’s ‘big three’ state-owned airlines,” Steinhardt said.  “Moreover, China Mobile is reportedly controlled directly by the Communist Party of China. According to a report from Forbes, the Federal Communications Commission sought to reject China Mobile’s application to provide telecommunications in the United States because of its CPC influences.”

Steinhardt criticized Ciattarelli, who once criticized President Trump for being a “charlatan” who is “unfit to be President”, for his substantial investments in the Asian nation which has been blamed as being the source of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“New Jersey needs a leader who will stand with President Trump’s ‘America First’ policies and against the Communist Party of China, not invest American dollars in the CPC. It’s time New Jersey leaders start protecting our financial interests instead of only worrying about their own,” said Steinhardt. “While conservative leaders who understand the threat the CPC poses seek to distance themselves from Communist China, Jack Ciattarelli has a long history of making money by investing in CPC linked companies. Voters must know that Jack is morally compromised on this important, national issue.”

Steinhardt called upon Ciattarelli to disclose all of his financial dealings with China to avoid a Hunter Biden-Esque scandal here in New Jersey should he win the governor’s race in 2021.