Chicago woman embarrassed, naked during botched police raid at wrong house

CHICAGO, IL – Chicago police are embarrassed, but not as embarrassed and upset as Anjanette Young, a woman who works as a social worker who was changing her clothes after she got done with her shift as a social worker.  In fact, the Chicago Police were so embarrassed by the incident that they tried to block the release of the video by local news station WBBM-TV.   The station got the video footage through a freedom of information request, but the department tried to file an emergency motion in federal court to block the release.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was upset to learn police tried to block the release, she said.

“Filing a motion against a media outlet to prevent something from being published is something that should rarely, if ever, happen,” Lightfoot said. “And had I been advised that this was in the works, I would have stopped it in its tracks. This is not how we operate. Period.”

Young, who was naked and filmed by police body cams after they broke down her front door and entered her home with guns drawn told police they had the wrong house.

So what happened? It turned out the department’s informant intentionally gave police the wrong house to break into.