Cat rescued after being abandoned, locked in truck in Newark junkyard

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Somebody took the time to lock a cat in the trunk of a car in a Newark junkyard, but luckily she was discovered and rescued.  The Associated Humane Society says animal abuse at their Newark facility is greater than that of other facilities.

“Creatures that were put on this earth, just the same as they were, and people feel they have the right to toss them away, abuse them, neglect them, and abandon them,” AHS said in a statement. “We’ve seen it for decades here at AHS/Popcorn Park and sadly, our AHS Newark facility sees more of it than most shelters will ever see. Being in the center of a difficult city, the cases just keep coming and coming. This little, emaciated cat is the latest victim of a cruel, heartless individual that valued her life at nothing.”

The cat was found at “Get Junked” on January 28th. According to AHS, an employee at the lot found the little cat and instead of just letting her out, he took the time to bring her to the AHS Newark facility.

“Of course people will say that the cat could have crawled up into the car, squirmed in from some other way, but that is very unlikely. The cat was completely emaciated, weighing only four pounds, and could barely hold her head up,” AHS said. “She was covered in dirt and grease and she received a good long spa day in the medical department after her examination. While she is very malnourished, she does not appear to be injured and her lab results were all good. She is currently recuperating on soft, warm blankets and she’s having many a good meal too.”

Once she’s all recovered, this sweet little cat who is estimated to be about 10 months old and has been named Honda, will be looking for a fresh start in a great home. If you’re interested in her when she becomes available, please contact AHS Newark at 973-824-7080 and refer to File# 50014.

Please consider making a donation on her behalf to our ResQ Fund here: , which helps Honda and so many like her that end up as innocent victims every day.