Can You Change Your Vote? Google Search Surges After Biden-Trump Debate

Google Trends, a website that tracks what people are searching for in the Google search engine reports today that the phrase, “Can you change your vote?” has skyrocketed in the past 24 hours.  The search phrased jumped from a rating of 10 in popularity to 73, in the hours after the debate ended Thursday night. Today, that search capped out at 100 at around 1 pm on Friday.   It is unknown exactly what caused that surge, but some other trending political topics begin to paint the picture.

“Hydraulic Fracturing” is breaking out today, meaning, it is seeing a surge in Google searches after former Vice-President Joe Biden said he would end fracking on public lands and suggested a total ban on the practice.

“Petroleum Industry” also broke out after Biden said he would phase out the oil industry.

Many different variants of vote changing also surged on Friday.

It would seem from early indications that Biden may have turned off many Americans when he attacked the oil industry and announced his pledge to eradicating fossil fuel energy in favor of clean, green energy solutions, many of which are still very costly.

Another trending search since the debate was “Shut down”, linked to “Biden Shut Down Oil Industry” which was listed as a breakout search term today.

Google Trends today also showed that people searching for information on Joe Biden, also used the phrases, “Bobulinksi”, “against fracking”,  “business partner”, “oil industry”, “super predators”, and “tax hikes”.

As far as the President, Google users searched for “Chinese bank account” to research a claim made by Biden that the President maintains a bank account in China.