Burlington County Republican Elite Give Endorsement to Governor Candidate Who Opposed Trump Presidency

BURLINGTON COUNTY, NJ –  Jack Ciattarelli once called President Donald J. Trump a charlatan who is unfit for office.  Today, he is receiving endorsements from the top level swamp creatures in Burlington County.  Those endorsements include Searn Earlen, Burlington County GOP Chairman, Assemblyman Ryan Peters, Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield, failed U.S. Congressional Candidate Kate Gibbs and about one hundred others.  We are also receiving reports this morning that many on Ciattarelli’s endorsement list, actually didn’t give their permission to be on his endorsement list. The bright spot in this is that Burlington County has been wholly ineffective at rallying Republican voters.  It is Burlington’s fault that Democrat Congressman Andy Kim defeated Republican David Richter in November, the endorsement list for Burlington County, a strong blue county, might not really mean too much heading into 2021.

This week, Ciattarelli’s challenger, former state GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt took a swipe at the former Assemblyman’s longtime link to the Trenton swamp.

“All lobbyists seeking a career politician well-versed in corrupt practices should look no further. Jack Ciattarelli is your guy,” the former state GOP chairman said. “The Trenton Swamp is bankrolling, housing, and staffing Jack’s campaign already. Heck, they’re even writing Jack’s policy agenda for him. The insiders and lobbyists know they can count on Jack to maintain the same status quo that’s resulted in New Jersey leading the nation in property taxes and the outmigration of jobs and people.”