Broward Man Steals Cart Full of Liquor from Palm City Liquor Store

PALM CITY, FL – Martin County deputies caught Jonathan Gustave, who stole a cart full of booze from a Palm City Liquor store.  The Broward County man attempted to steal a cart full of liquor from a Palm City liquor store Friday evening, but as he was running into his getaway car with the stolen booze, he ran into an off duty MCSO Deputy who was leaving the Walgreens next door.
“Deputy James Holloran knew something was wrong when he turned around and saw Gustave trying to run away from a distressed clerk,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Department said. “The deputy used his personal vehicle to block the getaway car as he confronted the suspect and two others who were inside the vehicle. Gustave refused to comply and began struggling with the deputy. Meanwhile, the driver of the car put the car in reverse, with Deputy Holloran hanging on.”
The trio dragged the deputy through the parking lot before bailing out on foot. Back-up deputies quickly arrived at the scene to set up a perimeter. All three were immediately captured.
Jonathan Gustave was charged with Theft and Resisting Arrest with Violence.
“22-year old Jonathan Gustave knew coming to Martin County to commit a crime was a risk, but he did it anyway,” the department said.
He told deputies, “I knew it was a mistake to stop here.”
Deputy Holloran was not injured.