Bobcat spotted on Hazelbrook Road in Wayland

WAYLAND, MA -A resident of Wayland reported a wild bobcat sighting on Hazelbrook Road.  Police here say those out walking or jogging in the early morning should be aware that these animals are present in the area. A photo of this sighting is below, given to police by the resident.

According to the Massachusetts Audobon Society, the bobcat is the only species of wild cat now found in Massachusetts. They are shy creatures, most active at night and preferring wild habitats, so it is uncommon to see one.

Typically bobcats are shy and elusive, preferring to come out at night.  While bobcat sightings are more common in Western Massachusetts, they are sometimes seen in the more densely populated eastern part of the state.  Bobcats generally tend to avoid people and prefer the taste of small mammals and rodents.

“Bobcats prefer to avoid people rather than to interact with them,” the Massachusetts Audobon Society says. “As with all wildlife, do not attempt to approach one, particularly if they have young. Bobcats are known to kill livestock or unsupervised small pets.”