Bob Hugin is Pro-Choice, Anti-Trump and Pro-Immigration, Now he Wants to be New Jersey’s GOP Chairman

FREEHOLD, NJ – New Jersey has always been known as a blue state, but the state Republican Party is about to make a jump into the blue wave-like never seen before.  Bob Hugin, the failed U.S. Senate candidate who lost to accused sexual deviant Bob Menendez in 2018 is about to become the party’s new Republican Party Chairman.  An election will be held Tuesday night by a group of political insiders, many of whom are in the anti-Trump camp, hiding out in Phil  Murphy’s sanctuary state until the time was right. With President Trump on the ropes, the ant-Trump contingent in New Jersey smells blood in the liberal blue waters of New Jersey and are about to seize upon it.  Hugin called Trump’s immigration policies racist and anti-Semitic in 2018, now he wants to take the New Jersey Republican party in that direction.