Blue Lives Matter Symbol by Santa Clara University Security Officer Deemed Incident of Racial Hatred

SANTA CLARA, CA – A Santa Clara University security officer is at risk of losing his job for display a symbol of “Blue Lives Matter”.

Now, university officials are declaring an “incident of hatred” for the vile display supporting America’s law enforcement community.

“As members of the President’s Cabinet, we write to address an event that occurred at last night’s Diversity Forum. The assistant director of Campus Safety Services (CSS) participated in the event with a postcard on a bookshelf behind him that is widely considered to be an effort to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement and its universally important goals,” the University said in statement.  “We deeply apologize for this incident and the hurt it has caused. SCU is striving to create a campus community where everyone is valued and can feel safe and respected. As part of that effort, we are deeply committed to racial justice and to healing the suffering caused by racism, which is core to our mission and values as a Jesuit, Catholic university. We have not always lived up to these goals, but we are working hard to make real progress. ”

Now, a complete audit of campus security is in order after this officer violated the liberal sanctity of the institution, putting lives in jeopardy and scarring the emotional well being of the frail and fragile student body that was not prepared for the horrid sight.

“As we have communicated in the past, an audit of Campus Safety Services practices and procedures is underway and we are committed to ensuring the important role CSS plays in a way that is fair, safe and respectful to everyone in our campus community. Diversity Forums are organized by our Inclusive Excellence Student Advisory Council in collaboration with the SCU administration to provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to come together in a safe space to advance issues of racial justice and learn from student experiences,” the university said in a statement. “These are vital conversations that can and should build understanding and help us move forward in our goals. Last night’s incident has further damaged the trust and faith that we are working so hard to build. But we cannot let it derail the important work we have underway. We are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and to building a Santa Clara community where all are welcome.”

The university staff completed the memo that instilled liberal order to the campus in the only way it knew how.

“Black Lives Matter,” the faculty said.

The ridiculous letter was signed by Renee Baumgartner Director of Athletics Bridget Colbert Interim General Counsel Michael Crowley Vice President,