BLM Protesters Clash With Biden Supporters…That Didn’t Take Long, Did It?

MADISON, WI – As Madison, Wisconsin supporters for President-Elect (for now) Joe Biden celebrated this historic moment in history for their cause, a gruesome fight broke out at the otherwise “peaceful” superspreader rally.

In a video published by @RebsBrannon, to Twitter, the celebration was going well, with an effigy of a beheaded Donald J. Trump and cheers and chanting of “Fuck Donald Trump”.

In that video, it appears that a black man had confronted BLM activists about his phone being dropped.

“You dropped my phone, so pick it up,” the black Biden supporter said to the white Black Lives Matter protester.  “Give me my phone, it’s right there.”

At that point, the peaceful protest that was parading a beheaded effigy of the President turned violent as the Biden supporter, allegedly,  starting beating the BLM activist into submission before a nearby police officer stepped in.

“We’re just here to show love,” a person on a loudspeaker said.

It seems the year-long love affair between the liberal left and the radical leftists anarchists is nearing its end.  That didn’t take long, did it?