Bird Flipping Election Worker Wrongly Accused of Throwing Away Ballot Goes Into Hiding

A video clip on social media claims to portray a frustrated election worker, flipping the bird at election ballots, then throwing away what appears to be a ballot went viral. Today, election officials are claiming he did not throw away a ballot and the man has had to go into hiding.  Fulton County Elections Supervisor Rick Barron said those claims were untrue.  Barron said the man threw away attached election instructions, not the actual ballot.

“However one thing that you need to know is that those ballots are 8 ½ by 19 inches long,” Barron said. “At no time did you see him extract anything from the envelope, and that crumbled piece of paper, they were instructions and it was a smaller piece of paper.”

“He’s having to leave his house and go stay with friends,” he said. “He’s afraid to drive his car, because the information about his car and his license plate is out there.”