Biden Press Secretary said it’s not fair to use his “Xenophobic” tweet against against him

WASHINGTON, DC – When President Donald J. Trump said he was going to put a travel ban on China in mid-March of 2020, Joe Biden called him a xenophobe.  While the liberal media fact-checkers have spun Biden’s comment to be just about the fact that Trump called it the China virus, and not because of the actual ban, the bottom line is, he called the President a xenophobe after implementing the travel ban on China.

Fast forward to 2021 and now President Joe Biden announces a more severe travel ban that includes China, parts of Asia, South Africa, Brazil, England and Ireland.

When asked about the double standard, Biden’s Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki told the press they’re comparing apples and oranges.

“And just one more about the announcement you made off the top about the travel restrictions.  When President Trump was imposing travel restrictions in March, specifically on China, then-candidate Biden called it “xenophobic” and “fearmongering.”  So now-President Biden is putting travel restrictions on people coming in from other countries.  What word do we use to describe that?” asked a reporter.

“Well, I don’t think that’s quite a fair articulation.  The President has been clear that he felt the Muslim ban was xenophobic,” Psaki said. “He overturned the Muslim ban.  He also, though, has supported — and himself, even before — or we did, I should say, even before he was inaugurated — steps, travel restrictions in order to keep the American people safe to ensure that we are getting the pandemic under control.  That’s been part of his policy.”

Psaki said Biden was critical of the former president for having a policy that was not more comprehensive than travel restrictions.

“And he conveyed at the time, and more recently, the importance of having a multifaceted approach — mask-wearing, vaccine distribution funding in order to get 100 million shots in the arms of Americans in the first hundred days, not just travel restrictions,” she said, running cover for Biden.

Below is a screenshot of the actual Twitter exchange between President Trump and candidate Joe Biden.