Benny Johnson of Newsmax Says What Really Happened at Million MAGA March

WASHINGTON, DC-  Benny Johnson, a D.C. resident and attendee at the Million MAGA March in D.C. says the mainstream media’s version of what happened last weekend differs from what actually happened.  Are you surprised?  Johnson said there was close to a million people at the event and it consisted mostly of families and peaceful demonstrators.  Johnson said the entire day was free of incidents where the crowd was just MAGA March attendees.

“I don’t know what the officials numbers were, but some headlines say hundreds, are you kidding me?” Johnson said.

Johnson said he ended up leaving after ANTIFA began gathering.

“As humiliating and soy boy as these people look, they are unstable people,” Johnson said. “I have watched their violence before. I wanted to protect my child and family. You can see them gearing up for violence…they are nefarious.”