Before double masking was able to really take off, triple masking is now all the rage

Now that the two or three-day double masking trend has passed, the newest rage in Liberland is triple masking.  I swear to God, if Anthony Fauci came out tomorrow and said sticking your thumb in your ass will stop COVID-19 from getting into your body through your anus, the liberal left, CNN, MSNBC, and Joe Biden would be out touting it tomorrow…and of course, not actually doing it.  Dr. Fauci this week raised eyebrows when he said your crappy little single mask plan isn’t working, try double-masking.

Then the liberal media took it one step further and said why the hell don’t you just triple mask it on your next run to Publix?  Except for during the early pandemic when Fauci said there’s no reason for healthy people to be wearing face masks and people like Phil Murphy and Andrew Cuomo were sending infected seniors into nursing homes, the good doctor has ramped up the mask arms race.  Look, wearing a face mask in public is common sense.  Keep your germs from others, keep theirs away from you. If you argue that, then don’t be surprised when COVID-19 shows up at your doorstep.

But, now we’re being told, pretty much that wearing a single mask isn’t really protecting you at all.  According to NBC, you should be double masking because two masks are only 75% effective at stopping COVID-19…but guess what…three masks, NBC says are 90% effective. So that means all this time, we’ve been wearing one mask…only stopping 50% of the particles…and they’re all surprised that the pandemic is peaking?  And guess what else. Most people wear the masks in a way where they aren’t even stopping that.

And guess again what else…all you men…and women with facial hair. Your mask isn’t doing shit, according to Fauci, NBC, and that little label on that new posh mask you just bought.  At some point we’d like to just see Dr. Fauci come out in a press briefing and say, “Look, I have the same internet you all have…and shit, I have no fucking clue…but here’s what we think works today, so go on give it a shot and hope for the best.”

Because sometimes, that’s what it feels like is going on here anyway.