Back to the Future…Charlotte Deputy recovers stolen boombox

CHARLOTTE CO., FL – Is that a Charlotte County deputy walking down San Casa Drive with a boombox!  Crikey it is and it’s totally rad.

It all started when the nearby Englewood Walmart called the CCSO to report a theft. The subject, according to the caller placed a JBL Boombox2 speaker along with some random motor oil into his cart and proceeded to walk out of the store.

The subject identified as Kevin Manning, was followed by a loss prevention employee and was asked to stop. Manning took off into the nearby woods. That’s when CCSO was called.
“CCSO located Manning and was able to recover the Boombox which he had ditched in the woods after being spooked by a woman behind her home,” the Sheriff’s Office said.  “He thought she was going to call the cops, which is an excellent observation, but probably should have come to this realization before stealing it in the first place because Walmart actually did call the cops, but ya know, whatever.”
The Boombox and oil were recovered and Manning was arrested and now has no Boombox and no oil. Just some Petit Theft and Tampering with Evidence charges.
“So what is our lesson of the day you ask? Gen Z may advise just listen to Apple Music or even Spotify because, what the heck is a Boombox anyway,” the department said.