As Biden Pushes for Open Borders, Halts Border Wall, Murderers, Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals Continue Illegal Border Crossings

Sierra Vista, AZ – As President Joe Biden pushes to open America’s southern border and halt the construction of the border wall between Mexico and the United States, crime along the border as a result of immigration has skyrocketed.  According to a report issued Wednesday by the Biden Justice Department, in Arizona alone there were 39 violent crimes committed by illegal aliens attempting illegal border crossings in December.  That’s more than one violent crime per day.

In December alone, there were 241 illegals charged for entering the country illegally.  Of those, 153 had non-immigration-related criminal records.

The Department of Justice said 39 people arrested in December had violent criminal convictions including 1 individual with a homicide conviction, 5 individuals who had sex offense convictions,
8 individuals who had domestic violence convictions, and 12 who had property crime convictions.

Of those dreamers looking for a new life in America,  42 had DUI convictions,  70 had drug crime convictions and  99 of those 241 individuals had been deported three or more times.  The report also showed 34 individuals were charged in December with alien smuggling.

On President Biden’s first day in office, he ordered an immediate work stoppage on the border wall.