Artist asking $15,750 for painting of Donald Trump being assassinated

Saatchi Art, an online art gallery that boasts being the world’s leading online art gallery has a painting for sale that depicts the assassination of President Donald J Trump.  The artist behind the painting, UK based painter Jay Rechsteiner.

The painting depicts President Trump walking near an intersection and two gunmen pointing guns and shooting the President as Secret Service Agents move to shield the President and subdue the assassins.  He named the painting “Bad Painting 2”

“As crude as the work seems, it is very complex in terms of composition and use of color. The deliberate ‘wrong’ use of colors, distorted geometry, and in general amateurishly painted pictures explore all these components as well as what a successful picture is (and not is),” Rechsteiner said.

“In terms of content and themes, the work in Bad Painting Phase 2 deals with possible future and past events and situations. The series consists of what I would call successful and unsuccessful paintings. As I am interested in process more than anything else I have decided to include both, the successful and unsuccessful paintings,” he added.

Rechsteiner said he painted the painting in Vienna in 2016, saying, “This is the first painting in this series. Its complexity in terms of composition and color balance was a huge challenge. I personally would not describe it as a successful painting. I painted it in Vienna as part of The Red Van Travelling Art Research project.”

Now he’s asking $15,570 for the original painting or $100 for proof.