Al Qaeda terrorist, bomber freed from NJ prison early for COVID-19, weight problems

NEW YORK CITY, NY – A 60-year-old terrorist and conspirator to Osama Bin Laden has been freed from a federal detention facility in New Jersey because of the dangers posed to him by COVID-19 and his co-morbidity, obesity.   Adel Abdel Barry was convicted for killing 224 people in a deadly bombing in Africa in 1998 at two U.S. embassies.  He has been in prison in the United States for 21 years.

According to court documents, his lawyer pleaded for his early release.

“Mr. Bary’s continued incarceration now significantly increases his risk of infection, which could wreak disastrous health outcomes,” court documents say.

U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan agreed and now, he’s living in the United Kingdom where he has been granted asylum.

Abdel Barry didn’t get to see the sights and sounds in New Jersey as he was detained by ICE and immediately removed from the United States upon his release.  He was let out on October 9th and released from an ICE detention facility this past Wednesday.

The U.K. was not happy about his arrival in their country either. He could not return to his native country of Egypt, because he would be at a high risk to face torture or even death there.   Barry served as Osama Bin Laden’s spokesperson during his tenure with Al Qaeda.  In 2015, Abdel was sentenced to 25 years in prison in the United States.