After nearly bankrupting every small business in New Jersey, Phil Murphy reminds today is Small Business Saturday

TRENTON, NJ – On Thanksgiving Day, there were plenty of empty chairs across New Jersey including those who perished from COVID-19 and those who were not allowed to attend the annual family celebration.   Empty chairs included those of elderly mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents who contracted COVID-19 back in the spring when Governor Phil Murphy ordered COVID-19 positive patients to be sent to nursing homes.

Chairs aren’t the only thing that were empty this extended Thanksgiving Day weekend, many retail storefronts and restaurants are also empty.   Many have shut down, never to return again.  Many are empty because they are forced to be emptied by Murphy’s executive orders limiting indoor dining.   Many could not withstand the nearly year-long assault by the Governor’s office that bankrupted small businesses across the Garden State while favoring big box stores and chains.

Now, on “Small Business Saturday”, a day meant to serve small businesses after the Black Friday rush, which also didn’t happen, Murphy says go out and support small businesses…those who haven’t been shut down yet by his draconian executive orders.

“Small businesses are the fabric of our communities and the lifeblood of our economy,” Murphy said today. “Help support your favorite New Jersey small businesses.”

Murphy was met with a tidal wave of negative responses on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

“You told us to stay inside, so we’re shopping online today,” one resident wrote.

“We have no money, Phil,” another responded. “When we can get back to work, we can support small businesses.”

“Shop at what local small business? You destroyed them all. In your wake are closed/bankrupt businesses, families losing their homes and belongings and taxes that are killing the working class,” another said.

“You’re the one forcing small businesses to close down. You’re a fucking joke. Hypocrisy at its finest,” another responded.

“He posts this and then he will shut down the economy next week blaming small businesses for the up tick in cases,” another said.