After Killing Thousands of Seniors by Sending COVID Patients Into Nursing Homes, Andrew Cuomo Blames Trump for Deaths

NEW YORK, NY – In March, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent COVID-19 infected patients into the state’s nursing home system and as a result, thousands of the state’s seniors, living out their golden years are now dead.  This week, Cuomo lashed out at President Donald J. Trump for mishandling the pandemic, as he own state leads the nation in the number of COVID-19 deaths and likely to drastically increase in the next few months.


“It’s hard to get to the place where you don’t take the President of the United States seriously. There’s a disconnect. You say President of the United States, you think that it’s a serious person. That’s not this President. He is personally annoyed at New York as a state. He bet he was going to win New York. He lost New York. New Yorkers have been very disappointed with him. We’re the home to the media, et cetera,” Cuomo said Monday.  “He is personally piqued with me because I think frankly I told the American people the truth about COVID at a time when he wasn’t and that bothered him. The threat is just that. It’s a silly hollow threat. What bothers him is that I’m not going to allow New Yorkers to be bullied by him. There is a real problem on this vaccine. It’s great that we’re developing it. We have an issue that the American people don’t trust it and they don’t trust it because they don’t trust him. Fifty percent of the people in this country said, the Kaiser poll, the Pew poll, the CNN poll, the NBC poll, 50 percent said they fear the President politicized the FDA’s approval process. Several states, mine included, to try to build confidence are putting together state panels. ”

Cuomo had come under fire from Trump after saying he would not administer a “Trump vaccine” to people in his state, instead waiting until Joe Biden takes office in January.

“I’ve been living with it for 8 months. I understand the indignation. I understand the pain about the way he’s handling this and the narcissism. You know what, I’ve been dealing with that from him for eight months. Frankly, he hasn’t been any help and when we say, well he’s not helping the transition – I don’t think it’s any great loss. I’ll tell you the truth: Because he never contributed much to begin with,” Cuomo said. “Joe Biden is going to be talking to the governors on Thursday. We’re arranging a call. The governors are the ones who have been handling this war, frankly. Joe Biden wants to engage with them right away and I think that’s smart. I don’t believe they can handle this vaccine roll out process. They’ve handled no operation. ”