After de-platforming Thanksgiving, the left has already started COVID-19 war of words against Christmas, Hanukkah Celebrations

Not only was Thanksgiving de-platformed by Democrat governors across America, they now have their eyes set on Christmas.  The battle against Thanksgiving was a major victory for the left.  For the first time in history, using the pandemic as covering fire, the left successfully defunded Thanksgiving.  Across the country, Democrat governors limited the legal limits of how much an American family can celebrate the holiday in their home.  Some governors, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo even called for the police to break into homes and charge those who violated the Thanksgiving lockdown.  In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf ordered the prohibition of alcohol on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving.

The left was given an inch due to the COVID-19 pandemic and they were given a mile by the willing public who mostly abided by the orders.

The evidence of the left’s lockdown on Americanism was even more evident on Black Friday as the entire holiday floundered.  Few people lined up at stores for the annual door busters Friday morning and Democrat governors touted the success of keeping people in their homes for another day.

Celebrating the victories across Democrat-controlled America, the language used last week for Thanksgiving is now being used in broader “Holiday” messaging.

“This is now in the second wave,” said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, one of the leaders in the left’s cancel revolution.  “This thing is now well beyond that and the recovery curve is stretched out. Holidays don’t help. I don’t think we’re going to be taking any more steps to open stuff up for the time being but, folks, this is a good place to end.”

“Unfortunately, in this time of the global pandemic of COVID 19, as we approach the holidays, we need to rethink those gatherings. We need to think about more and more gatherings being virtual, or only staying with your family that you live with, that you’re exposed to all the time,” said transexual Pennsylvania Department of Health Commissioner Richard ‘Rachel’.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown insists that in 2020, the holidays will look different and if you do not abide by her orders on what the holidays will look like, she will order police to ticket you, even worse, arrest you.

“In terms of individuals, I am not asking you,” Brown said about the Thanksgiving lockdown she ordered. “I am ordering you.”

As Thanksgiving passes, you will now see the Democrat governors of American ramp up their rhetoric on Christmas, even Hanukkah, two religious holidays that have long sought to erase and replace with their own more ‘woke’ version of themselves.