A Dozen North Jersey Bars Cited for Executive Order Violations

PLAINFIELD, NJ – New Jersey State Police Superintendent Patrick Callahan reported on Wednesday that the state has taken action against twelve bars in North Jersey in the cities of Newark and Plainfield for violating Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order.  That executive order has shut down bar services across the state and forced many small bar owners to either shut down and close their doors or operate as a “speakeasy”, illegally and under the radar of patrolling law enforcement operations across the state.

Murphy shut down bars after staff members at a shore area bar contracted COVID-19.  Those employees and the bar owner said Murphy had his facts wrong and that the employees contracted COVID-19 at a party not related to the bar itself, but the shutdown remained.

On Wednesday, Callahan boasted about twelve establishments in North Jersey being cited for violations but did not say what the violations were or what penalties those establishments are now facing.

“There were six of them in Plainfield and seven in Newark. In Plainfield, Latino Heat Bar was cited for a violation, not only once but twice, so that makes up two of the six. Also, Hugo’s Nightclub was cited, Perone’s Nightclub in Plainfield was cited. Pueblo Oviedo was cited in Plainfield, Chez Marie Nightclub,” Callahan said. “Moving on to the ones in Newark, Miyagi Barbershop was cited for EO violations. Style, another salon, was cited. Also in Newark, Zaluba Bar 437 was cited. Newark Police also responded and cited Sports Bar 865. Also, Ferry Street BBQ in Newark cited, as was Vivo Lounge 167 and Esther’s Place 666.”