66-year-old Everett homeowner shot burglar who kicked in his front door

EVERETT, WA  – The protections afforded to an Everett homeowner via the second amendment came into play Saturday night when a home invader violently kicked down a homeowner’s front to do gain access to rob his home.  He was shot in the process by the homeowner.
According to Everett Police, just after 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night, officers responded to the 3600 block of Tulalip Ave when a homeowner called 911 to report someone breaking into his home. Prior to their arrival, officers were advised the homeowner fired a single shot at the burglar. On arrival, officers contacted and detained one injured male who was transported to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett for a gunshot wound. The homeowner told officers the injured man kicked in the door to enter the home and he fired at the man.
“The injured burglar, a 32 year-old man, is expected to survive,” the department said. “The homeowner, a 66 year-old man, and his spouse were uninjured and the firearm was impounded.
Officers processed the scene and detectives will continue investigating the incident.”