10 Riot Ready Amazon Deals: Amazon kicks off Parler, but sells riot-ready weapons to arm future rioters

Amazon has chosen to insert itself into the political censorship arena and while the company has kicked off conservative-leaning social media app Parler, the company continues selling products that are perfect for causing violence and severe injuries for your next riot or uprising.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a liberal-leftist or far-right activists, before you head to your next head-crushing violent rally, be sure to check Amazon.  Most of these products are sold as self-defense, but these types of defense products have been seen at riots across the country in the past year.  Amazon has entered into a tricky and delicate situation when it made the decision to ban Parler.  On one hand, you can’t condone the violence of users on the platform while selling the riot weapons of personal and mass destruction on your own platform.

Let’s get things straight first.  Nobody condones the use of these weapons and this article is in no way meant to drive the sale of these weapons but to point out the hypocrisy of Amazon and cancel culture.  We also don’t condone the banning of these products, because after all, this is America and our country is built on freedom.  There’s an old saying that says the only people who benefit from war are the ones who make and sell the weapons of war and Amazon has quite the arsenal for sale when it comes to weapons of social unrest.

Brass Knuckles

Amazon has a white variety of brass knuckles available for sale.  You can get your brass knuckles in different colors, gold, black, chrome, and even pink and rainbow arrays.  The wide assortment of brass knuckles at Amazon range from rounded, pointed

The Brooklyn Crusher

The Brooklyn Crusher is a nearly indestructible baseball bat, made of durable polypropylene Will never break, rot, crack, splinter, or fade.  It’s riot ready and we’re sure it’s not approved by Little League, USA Baseball Softball or the Cal Ripken League.  If the crusher isn’t for you, you can also get the Brooklyn Shorty, the Brooklyn Basher or the Brooklyn Smasher.

Stun Guns

Amazon has a stun gun for all occasions and all colors.

Stun Batons

Government grade stun batons are readily available on Amazon. Stun batons are like stun guns, but when you need to really reach out and touch somebody across a police barrier.

Riot Gear

Amazon has a huge selection of riot gear and all you have to do is a keyword search for riot gear and everything you need from cut-proof undershirts to tactical helmets to full body suits are at your fingertips.

Gas Masks

Never let police tear gas back you down again with Amazon’s huge selection of riot-ready gas masks designed to protect your from most of the government’s arsenal of non-lethal chemical agents intended to quell the next riot.

Pepper Spray

There’s nothing wrong with owning a personal defense pepper spray or mace, but at Amazon, you can get industrial-strength crowd control. This gem called Sabre Home Defense can shoot 32 debilitating bursts up to 25 feet.


Slash Proof Shirts and Sleeves

Never get slashed again at a protest or riot with Amazon’s full line of slash-proof shirts and sleeves.


Tactical Vests

Every American needs a tactical vest, especially if you’re expecting the next civil war any day.

Riot ready accent wear

Never show up at a riot wearing what everyone else is.  Who remembers the guy on November 6th who showed up wearing fur and horned helmet? Yep, everyone. Now he’s in jail of course, but with Amazon, you can get riot ready couture that is both function and fashionable.